Global: attacks, bombings, and beheadings

2017 saw a dramatic rise of terror attacks by nomadic Fulani Islamic herdsmen in Nigeria, who are targeting Christians and trying to drive them out of the territory they claim. Pray for God to help Nigerian political leaders to bring religious hatred to an end, and for His protection and strengthening of Bishop Joseph Bagobiri. IS has been increasingly turning its focus toward Egypt, issuing a chilling warning that ‘a river of blood’ for Christians is coming. Pray that the Christians will be strengthened as they refuse to abandon their faith in Jesus Christ, and that the government will do more to protect them. Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group, has been attacking Christians and security forces in neighbouring Kenya for years. They are now routinely beheading anyone suspected of being Christian. After IS attacked a church in Pakistan on 17 December, the country is on heightened alert.

Pray: for God to help the bereaved and the survivors to rebuild their lives in the coming year. (Matthew 5:4)