NIGERIA: Christians condemn cold-blooded murder of a British hero

Part of a press statement by the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians based in England sent commiserations to the family of Drummer Lee Rigby stating, ‘Our prayers are with Amy Rigby, their young son, wider family and friends as they grapple with this dastardly act. May our good LORD comfort them in their sorrows. This cowardly and cold-blooded murder of a British icon in the locale of an established military base was intended to strike fear into our hearts and break the bands that unite us as a peaceful nation. This is characteristic of the violent agenda of the proselytized adherents of these fringe groups in their grandiose belief that such carnage and unjustifiable acts glorify a just and merciful God. We utterly deplore the barbaric actions of these unscrupulous individuals who would not hesitate to invoke darkness on their motherland on the altar of self-glorification. We are deeply saddened at the recent revelation that the perpetrators are British of Nigerian extraction.’ For the full press release click the more button

Pray: for divine intervention and human vigilance to defeat the agents of terrorism. (Ps.77:14)