Nigeria: Christians still being ambushed and killed

On 10 June Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed two Christians and seriously wounded another in central Nigeria. Ibrahim Weyi, 45, and Larry More, 53, were hacked to death when herdsmen ambushed them as they were going home on a motorcycle from an evening worship service.  A third Christian, 23-year-old Samuel Weyi, was wounded and is in intensive care. Lawrence Zango said, ‘Fulani herdsmen have continued to kill innocent Christians in our villages, yet the Nigerian government has not taken proactive measures to end the onslaught.’ President Muhammadu Buhari is also a Fulani Muslim.  A spokesman for the Plateau State Command said an investigation is under way. Herdsmen attacks on Christian communities in the Bassa area intensified late last year and have continued in spite of the presence of military personnel. Victims are either ambushed and killed or attacked in their homes at night.

Pray: for President Buhari’s military to end Christian persecution. (Job 26:2)