Nigeria: Commerce and rural update

Nigeria was labelled a potential emerging economic giant by BBC Radio 4’s Today program’ when Evan Davis and Newsday's Nkem Ifejika interviewed entrepreneurs. However ‘the country still faced fundamental issues with an infrastructure that remains a problem to the nation's economy.’ Problems with power and electricity have been solved but education was still a problem with the entrepreneurs saying it was necessary for businesses to ‘invest in future staff’. They also added the corruption had become ‘a cultural thing’. Outside the cities thousands have died in tit-for-tat ethnic violence blamed on land disputes between semi-nomadic Muslim Fulani herdsmen and mainly Christian Berom farmers in zones where Nigeria's predominantly Muslim north meets its Christian-majority south. The most recent barbarism resulted in 30 dead, dozens of houses torched, cattle killed or taken away by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen in the Riyom area. See:

Pray: for Nigeria to fulfil her potential, for the cities and the rural areas to be in God’s hands. (Pr.23:17-18)