NIGERIA: Five Christians executed in road-side ditch by Muslim gunmen

Five Christians were shot dead near Jos, Plateau State, on 29 August by Muslim gunmen, who had stopped the bus they were travelling in and separated them from the other passengers. They found out who among them were Christians and forced the five to lie down in a ditch. At this point, another Christian man became embroiled in the scene when the Islamists stopped his motorbike. He said: The gunmen asked me about my religion, and when I told them I was a Christian, they asked me to join a group of people already ordered to lie down by the side of the road. It was when the gunmen started shooting and killing those of us that were Christians grouped together that I ran into a nearby maize farm, because it was already dark. Four other Christians, including a pregnant woman, were injured in the attack.

Pray: for God’s people that they will be protected and their enemies will be held back. (Ps.68:1)