Nigeria: Government tactics and Muslim converts

President Goodluck Jonathan fired his defence minister and national security adviser, saying the government needs new tactics to counter Boko Haram. Since 2001 when Sharia Law was established in Northern Nigeria 13,750+ Christians have been killed. Since last December 300+ churches have been destroyed. Five million Christians in Northern Nigeria live under severe persecution with Islamic groups regularly issuing ultimatums to Christian communities to leave the area or die. Christians suffer attacks which are pre-planned and well-coordinated. There are many attempts to force Christians to convert to Islam under the threat of death. Many have courageously died as martyrs rather than deny Christ. However - many Muslims, both persecutors and those appalled by the behaviour of Jihadists have been won to Christ in recent years. Muslims complain that Christian Evangelism has become a big threat to them. See:

Pray: for God to show President Jonathan and Nigeria’s leaders the way forward and for many more Muslims to come to know the only way to salvation. (2 Thes. 3:1-2)