NIGERIA: Insecurity

Security of citizens is one of the most important roles of government; unfortunately many issues are threatening the security of Nigerians and other nationalities living in the nation. Armed robbery, religious violence, intertribal crises, bad roads causing accidents, Fulani herdsmen destroying peoples' farms and attacking the farmers, carelessness in the aviation industry resulting in air-crashes, sales of false drugs, etc. All these problems of insecurity make Nigeria look hopeless like the dry bones of Ezekiel 37:1-4 but the Lord breathed life to the dry bones and they became a great army and were brought out from the graves to their own land. Ask God to open the grave of all areas of life in Nigeria and bring the country out of corruption, occultism, bloodshed, violence, Boko Haram killings, injustice and witchcraft. Pray and prophecy to the dry bones of authority in Nigeria that Nigeria will live and prosper once again.

Pray: for God to bring about peace, unity and love to manifest amongst all people of various religious backgrounds and tribes in Nigeria. (Ps. 72:6,7)