Nigeria: News becomes more dark

A series of coordinated attacks on African Christian communities in Nigeria’s Plateau State over recent weekends have left many dead and injured. The various news reports provide conflicting information about some basic facts - number of attackers - sequence of events - an accounting of the dead - but they all agree on the severity of the attacks. Information from news sources state 50 of the 90 killed in one incident were from a single church in Maseh village. Sources report that rebels from the Boko Haram surrounded the church and set it on fire. As the church burned the assailants waited and killed anyone trying to escape. The spokesperson for Boko Haram, Abul Qaqa, claimed responsibility and guaranteed that there would be more attacks on Christians as they attempt to establish total control and Islamize the region. Boko Haram has essentially declared war in Jos and its surrounding area. Our prayers and support for Nigerian Christians have never been more critically needed.

Pray: for Nigerian Christians to be surrounded and held tenderly by God and to be continually aware of His unfailing love for them. (Ps.13)