Nigeria: Officials portray slaughter of Christians as 'cattle theft'

Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 10 Christians in three villages in Plateau State last week in what authorities called cattle-rustling. A visit to the home where eight were killed revealed the presence of no cows. A state official was quick to deny the attack was rooted in the ethno-religious violence that has convulsed the State. Military officials asserted that security forces recovered 20 cows and killed five of the rustlers in thwarting an attempted theft. However a news reporter found no evidence of cattle ownership there. Fulani Muslims also attacked the villages of Zatsitsa-Kudeson and Chehwyanang killing two Christians.

Pray: that the Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacking Christians will be brought to account for their crimes against the innocent. Pray also for accurate and unbiased reporting by the government, and all in position of authority. (Ps.90:15-17)