Nigeria: Projects to unite Christians and Muslims


An ecumenical organization, the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria, said it plans to establish small business and agricultural enterprises that will bring Christians and Muslims together in the troubled north-central part of Nigeria. ‘We believe that projects jointly owned by Christians and Muslims would bridge the relationship gap between them,’ said Helen Philemon Haggai, co-ordinator of the fellowship's peace desk. The projects, Haggai said, ‘will focus on establishment of farms that will provide employment opportunities for Christian and Muslim youths. These farms will enable them to produce crops like potatoes, tomatoes and vegetables like lotus and cabbages. This will provide food for their families and at the same time, provide them with incomes. In addition, water projects like boreholes can provide safe drinking water for Muslim and Christian communities’. Furthermore, Haggai said, ‘a skills acquisition centre will be established for the training of both Christian and Muslim youths and widows.’

Praise: God for this initiative and pray that working together will lead to peace. (Ez.37:26)