Nigeria: School raid in Yobe state leaves 29 dead

At least 29 students have been killed after Boko Haram militants attacked a boarding school in the middle of the night in north-east Nigeria. All victims were teenage boys who were in their dormitories, 11 others were seriously injured. Most of the school was burned to the ground. Islamist militants have attacked dozens of schools in north-east Nigeria. Last September, 40 students were killed at an agricultural college during another night-time raid. Teachers said the gunmen gathered the female students together before telling them to go away and get married and to abandon their education. Nigeria's armed forces are facing increasing criticism for failing to protect civilians or to respond to raids by the militants. Many suspect there are individuals within the armed forces with sympathies to the militants. Boko Haram tends to attack schools that teach Nigeria's national curriculum, which the militants consider to be Western.

Pray: for Nigeria's military whose duty it is to contain militants and pursue attackers. (Ps.81:15-16)