Nigeria: Security forces in Northern Nigeria warn more violence is coming

The grim report was confirmed by an e-mail released by the Boko Haram confirming their plans for the coming weeks. In Kaduna and Zaria where churches were bombed last week, a curfew is still in effect. Open Doors reported two thwarted bombings over the weekend. Open Doors President and CEO, Dr Carl Moeller, explains, 'Boko Haram concealed a bomb in a coffin, claiming that it was a corpse. Fortunately, soldiers at a checkpoint insisted on seeing what was inside, and there were bombs in there. The men were arrested.' In the second attempt, a man was arrested when he masqueraded as someone who was interested in learning about Jesus Christ. The pastor noticed a bag a few yards away, which the possible convert denied knowing anything about. However the police discovered that the bag was filled with explosives, and the would-be suicide bomber was arrested. Then, with Sunday came a prison break, a fire fight, and the escape of 40 inmates who are members of Boko Haram.

Pray: that any further plans by Boko Haram will be thwarted. (Is.8:10)