Nigeria: Soldiers join slaughter of Christians

Survivors of the January 6th slaughter of 33 Christians in a village in Plateau State said Special Task Force soldiers stationed to protect them turned their weapons on those fleeing the attack. Speaking from her hospital bed with bullet wounds in her legs, Antele Alamba said hundreds of Muslim Fulani herdsmen armed with guns and machetes attacked Shonong village burning homes and butchering women and children. ‘The soldiers stationed in the village to protect us joined the Fulani herdsmen in shooting and in the process most of our people were killed.’ Alamba said as tears dripped down her cheeks. ‘I was shot by soldiers as I ran away for protection. We were all trapped in the village as there was no way of escape for us. We ran to the church and soldiers followed us there. They were shooting, and the herdsmen were shooting too. It was chaos and confusion everywhere.’

Pray: for God’s comfort and provision for the survivors and the families of the dead. Pray against corruption in the security forces. (Ps.18:6-9)