Nigeria: Suicide bombing hits another church

An extremist ran a car full of explosives at Christ’s Chosen Church of God in Jos on Sunday morning, killing at least two and injuring 40+. The attack was the second suicide bombing of a church in two Sundays and the third church bombing in Jos in six months. It happened after the service ended. A pastor, church elders and some children remained in the sanctuary at the moment the bomb was detonated, collapsing the roof of the sanctuary. The death toll was expected to increase as injuries were severe. Also on Sunday in Borno State gunmen killed at least two Christians during church worship. The Boko Haram Islamic sect took responsibility for both assaults. A witness said the extremist was seen trying to bomb St Peter’s Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church Winning All, but could not gain entry. Each of these two churches and the bombed church are in the same road.

Pray:for the injured, bereaved and their families, pray also against the ideologies behind these attacks, and against the desire to de-stabilize the government through violence. (Ps.42:4)