Nigeria: Three weeks of church bombings

Suicide bombers attacked Christians during Sunday worship for the third week running, killing 50+ in a familiar pattern of a suicide bomber ramming a car into a church. This week it was the Winning All church in Kaduna on Sunday killing 24 and wounding 125. Within a few minutes explosives were detonated at Christ the King Church in Zaria killing 16+ and injuring dozens - some of them critically and many were children. Then Shalom Church in Kaduna was bombed killing 10+. Boko Haram have claimed responsibility for all attacks – as they did for attacks in Plateau and Borno states on June 10 and in Bauchi state on June 3. Riots in Kaduna sparked by Sunday's bombings killed 52+ and a 24-hour curfew was implemented on Sunday to restore order. Pray for an end to extremist violence which has claimed more than 500 lives in Nigeria this year. Pray too that those living in affected areas will not seek reprisals.

Pray: for God to bless the efforts of those who are working to build bridges between Christian and Muslim communities, and may the grieving and injured draw near to God and receive His strength. (Ps.18:16,17)