Written by Pastor Austen C. Ukachi

1.  Pray for the release of Nigeria's stolen wealth by Western Nations. Large amount of money stolen by past military leaders and by politicians mainly are stashed in many banks abroad. Pray that western countries that are custodians of Nigeria's stolen wealth would agree to repatriate the money to Nigeria without any pre-condition.

2. Pray for the peace of the land. Pray that the lingering crisis between the Federal Government and the Niger Delta militants would not deteriorate. Pray that it will be resolved amicably so that peace will reign in the land. Pray for peace in the South East where youths are agitating for the Republic of Biafra. Pray for peace in the North East where Boko Haram still maintains pockets of resistance.

3. Pray for the bill on cattle grazing. A bill is before the National Assembly on cattle grazing. Already, the public has reacted to some of the provisions of the bill, which grants the Federal Government the right to acquire any choice land for grazing of cattle. Pray for the National Assembly to thoroughly examine the bill and remove the offensive clauses. Pray that the Federal Government will exercise caution in the implementation of the bill whenever it is passed.

4. Pray for peace between herdsmen and their host communities. In recent times, herdsmen have killed and destroyed many communities in various states. Pray that peace will reign. Pray that the Federal Government will be impartial in the conflict between herdsmen and host communities.

5. Pray for the economy. The economy is comatose since the past one year. This is a carryover of the corruption of the past regime and fall in the price of oil. Many states can hardly pay their salaries. Pray that God should give wisdom to our president and his team to help revive the economy.

6. Pray for the war against corruption. Pray that God will strengthen the President in his fight against corruption in the nation. Pray that God will give him courage. Pray that corruption will be drastically minimized in the nation.

7.  Pray for the President and his team. Pray for governors, ministers and commissioners for God's wisdom and blessing to serve the public in all sincerity.

8. Pray for the elections in Edo and Ondo.  In a few months' time, elections will hold in Edo state (September 10) and Ondo (November 26). Pray for peaceful elections. Pray for INEC to be able to conduct peaceful elections in these two states.

9. Prayer for Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The EFCC has been very busy prosecuting cases of many corrupt politicians and those involved in Advance Fee Fraud (aka 419). Pray that the leader and staff of the commission be endued with the spirit of boldness, fairness and justice in their duties.

10. Pray for the New CAN leader.  A new Leader for the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has been elected. His name is Rev. (Dr.) Olasupo Olakunle, who is also the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Pray that God will grant him wisdom, courage and humility to lead the Christian body in Nigeria.

11. Pray for the CESM National Prayer Conference. The 2016 CESM National Prayer Conference will hold in He's Alive Chapel from the 28th of December, 2016 to 1st January, 2017. Pray for a successful conference. Pray for safety and traveling mercies for all those who will be attending. Pray for the Speakers. Pray for God's presence during the conference.

12. CESM CAMP PROJECT. The CESM Camp project is about to take off, but funds and inflation are affecting the implementation of the first phase of the project. Additional 40million naira is needed for this phase of the project. Pray for God's provision for the project.

13. Pray for Christians in Kano and Niger states. On 2nd June, 2016, it was reported that an Igbo Christian was beheaded in Kano for alleged blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed. A similar trumped up charge was made against another Christian woman in Minna, Niger State which led to the killing of another Christian. Pray for the families of the affected Christians. Pray that the government will be sincere to take action against the suspects as promised.