Global: this year’s Dis-Honorees Awards

The Persecutor of the Year Awards shone a light on the world's most oppressive countries, entities, and individuals. Due to the nation's various terrorist groups and the lack of government response, Nigeria earned the title as the Top Country Persecutor. As we witnessed the Taliban's rise to power in August which forced Afghanistan's Christians even deeper into hiding, the Taliban received the title of Top Entity Persecutor. Lastly, in North Korea, the ongoing brutal reign of the Kim regime and the deplorable conditions that the nation's citizens face earned Kim Jong-un the title of Top Individual Persecutor. Pray for God to give those facing persecution for their faith in these, and other, nations the peace and joy that Christ brings.

Pray: for God to bring the persecutors of Christians into His kingdom with visions and dreams of Christ. (Joel 2:28)