Nigeria: nothing short of a massacre

In Kaduna state, Fulani militiamen killed 33 Christians in the predominantly Christian Runji village on 16 April and burned down half of the village. ‘Attackers in their numbers maimed and burned mostly women and children’, a press statement recorded. Locals have long believed that the government is capable and able to stop this evil - but they are not ready and willing to stop it. Nigeria is the leading country where Christians are killed for their faith (5,014 martyrs in 2022), and led the world in Christians abducted (4,726), sexually assaulted, harassed, forcibly married, physically or mentally abused. It had the most homes and businesses attacked for faith-based reasons. Being a Christian automatically puts a target on one's back. ‘Please pray for us’, said resident Mugu Bako. Rev Jacob Kwashi presided over their funerals, bemoaning the government's callous response to increasingly violent attacks against Christians. See

Pray: for the Nigerian government, the police, and the government of Kaduna state, to use their capabilities to stop this evil. (1 Timothy 2:1-2)