Nigeria: Fulani militant attacks worsen

Following the killing of 21 Christians and critical injuries to ten more in the Plateau by Fulani militants, believers are increasingly at risk and calling for action from leaders. The violence erupted when Fulani herdsmen set buildings alight in Heipang, an area where many displaced Christians from surrounding villages have been staying. Masara Kim, a Jos journalist, told a Catholic charity that after setting the houses ablaze, they aimed their assault rifles at those trying to flee from the fires. He said, ‘About half of the victims were burnt beyond recognition. At least five of them were infants. It was a heartbreaking scene to witness. They were given a mass burial in a rain-soaked mass grave. These are poor villagers who do not even have money for food, much less for coffins. There were witnesses, but authorities failed to identify the perpetrators.’

Pray: for survivors who saw their family members murdered to receive God’s comfort, and for the authorities to track down the criminals. (Psalm 31:14-15)