Nigeria: ‘persistent, pervasive, proliferating, and growing’ persecution ignored by world

A never-ending massacre of Christians being ‘killed for sport’ is reportedly happening in Nigeria, yet the world appears to be largely deaf to it. While much of the world was celebrating a beginning - Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ - in Nigeria they were mourning the end of many lives. Armed bandits ran amok, according to Amnesty International, in some twenty communities across central Nigeria, killing at least 140. In a country where accurate statistics are traditionally hard to come by, some sources have put the death toll closer to 200. The Christians were killed in a wide swath across an invisible line that separates the mostly Muslim north and the predominantly Christian south in the country’s Plateau State. One commentator on social media asked: ‘When is the protest march scheduled for?’

Pray: that in 2024 the world’s attention will be focussed much more on these killings. Pray for the many who are grieving. (2 Cor. 1:3,4)