Nigeria: fuel shortages causing major problems

Nigeria is grappling with a severe fuel shortage, exacerbating the hardships faced by its citizens (especially those reliant on public transport). Long queues for fuel have emerged in major cities, and prices have surged by over 15%. Authorities attribute the shortage to logistical challenges disrupting supply chains. Despite being a top crude oil producer in Africa, Nigeria frequently experiences petrol shortages due to strikes and supply disruptions. The state oil firm has accused fuel companies of exploiting the situation for profit. While Nigeria recently opened Africa's largest refinery in Lagos, it currently only produces diesel and aviation fuel. With the inflation rate over 30%, the government has just announced a 35% pay increase for civil servants, but the monthly minimum salary rate is still unchanged. See

Pray: for the talks between the government and the main labour unions about the minimum wage to have a positive outcome. (Philippians 4:19)