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NIGERIA: Islamic and secular laws clash in Senate

Many Nigerians are enraged, wondering how a senator notorious for marrying a 14-year-old girl can use Shariah law as an excuse to filibuster a constitutional amendment that has sparked a debate on the age of consent for girls. Since the country's secular and Islamic laws clashed in the upper house of Parliament last week, concerned citizens are using petitions, protests and social networks to demand the Senate revisit the issue. ‘Every Nigerian should bow his or her head in shame because instead of crushing the head of the lustful beast that seeks to fornicate with our children, to steal their virtues and to destroy their future, what the Senate did the other day was to compromise with and cater for the filthy appetites and godless fantasies of a bunch of child molesters and sexual predators,’ Femi Fani-Kayode (a traditional chief and former Cabinet minister) fumed in a letter to The Vanguard newspaper on Monday.

Pray: for the age of consent to remain at 18 in Nigeria and an end to the practice of forcing underage girls into marriage. (Jer.22:16-17)

More: http://www.kwqc.com/story/22902103/islamic-and-secular-laws-clash-in-nigerias-senate

NIGERIA: Insecurity

Security of citizens is one of the most important roles of government; unfortunately many issues are threatening the security of Nigerians and other nationalities living in the nation. Armed robbery, religious violence, intertribal crises, bad roads causing accidents, Fulani herdsmen destroying peoples' farms and attacking the farmers, carelessness in the aviation industry resulting in air-crashes, sales of false drugs, etc. All these problems of insecurity make Nigeria look hopeless like the dry bones of Ezekiel 37:1-4 but the Lord breathed life to the dry bones and they became a great army and were brought out from the graves to their own land. Ask God to open the grave of all areas of life in Nigeria and bring the country out of corruption, occultism, bloodshed, violence, Boko Haram killings, injustice and witchcraft. Pray and prophecy to the dry bones of authority in Nigeria that Nigeria will live and prosper once again.

Pray: for God to bring about peace, unity and love to manifest amongst all people of various religious backgrounds and tribes in Nigeria. (Ps. 72:6,7)

More: http://www.pray4nigeria.org/images/resources/Prayer-Guide.pdf

NIGERIA: School massacre

Secondary schools have been ordered to close across Nigeria's north-eastern state of Yobe after a massacre in which Boko Haram Islamist extremists torched Mamudo Boarding school killing 22 students. ‘Boko Haram’ translates as ‘Western education is forbidden’ and dozens of schools have been burned in attacks by them since 2010. Eyewitnesses said some victims were burned alive while others were shot as they fled. An Associated Press reporter found chaotic hospital scenes where traumatised parents struggled to identify their children among the charred bodies and gunshot victims. Survivors said suspected militants arrived with containers full of fuel and set fire to the school. Yobe Governor Ibrahim Gaidam condemned the ‘cold-blooded murder’ and ordered secondary schools to be closed until September to allow state and federal government officials plus community leaders to work towards guaranteeing school safety. He also asked the government to remove mobile phone signal blocks across the state as the lack of mobile communications prevents patriotic citizens from reporting suspicious movements in their neighbourhoods.

Pray: for God to comfort those who mourn and to bless those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness.(Mat.5:3-10)

More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-2322123

NIGERIA: Anglican Church seeks capital punishment

Anglican Archbishop Nicholas Okoh asked the Federal Government to impose capital punishment for perpetrators of rape and killing. He also advised young ladies to avoid indecent dressing and nudity in order to avoid people who lacked sexual self-control. At Tuesday's press briefing in Abuja he counselled religious leaders to concentrate on teaching morality, not how to make money adding, ‘My church has not met to discuss the issue of capital punishment for rapists. But rape is becoming an embarrassing situation in this country and as religious leaders we must continue to react against deviant behaviour. We must continue to support marriage in order to build a decent society.’ He told the story of an incident of violent rape of a family, particularly the mother, by armed robbers and the perpetrator being executed adding, ‘The law of capital punishment for those who rightly deserve it should stay.’ Many favouring the death penalty quote Genesis 9:6.

Pray: that the broken systems in Nigeria will mend and administer justice not more victims. (Mat.6:14)

More: http://www.punchng.com/news/anglican-church-seeks-capital-punishment-for-rapists-others/

NIGERIA: Militants force thousands to flee

Refugees say Islamic extremists threatening a bloodbath are forcing thousands of people from villages in northern Nigeria where the fighters have regrouped following a month-long military crackdown. People who escaped through the bush to the Borno state capital of Maiduguri say the Boko Haram terrorist network have also written letters warning government workers to resign their jobs or face death. Some villagers fled to neighbouring Cameroon. In a separate operation in Kano state police say they have rounded up 400 migrants and are deporting those who do not have the necessary documents. A state of emergency and military and police crackdown since May 14 have failed to crush the extremists blamed for the killings of more than 1,600 people since 2010. Meanwhile Amnesty International received credible reports that the authorities in the State of Edo in southern Nigeria have hanged four men in Benin City Prison on 24th June – the first known executions in the country since 2006. See also http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/18587

Pray: for the Government of Nigeria to know God’s way forward and for God to empower them with His wisdom in all decisions at this time. (Is.30:21

More: http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/militants-in-north-nigeria-force-thousands-to-flee_856991.html

NIGERIA: Islamists drive farmers from their land

Islamic militants have driven 19,000 rice farmers from their land in northeast Nigeria while a military crackdown is preventing thousands more from working their fields, raising fears of imminent food shortages adding to the misery in northeast Nigeria. The abandoned area is fertile, a regional bread basket created by the receding waters of Lake Chad. General hunger is anticipated this year because all roads linking the cities to the farming hinterlands have been closed down. Farmers have been locked out of their lands while those in the hinterland cannot come to the city for tractors or labourers for the next cropping. Meanwhile violence continues with 13 people killed when extremists attacked a boarding school for five hours in Damataru state capital on Sunday night. A student who survived by hiding under a bed said dozens of Boko Haram ordered students to take them to the teachers’ quarters, where they opened fire on teachers and students.

Pray: for an end to the attacks that are terrorizing the population of northeast Nigeria; for minimum violence as troops are deployed. (Ps.68:28)

More: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/06/18/3457539/islamists-drive-19000-farmers.html

Nigeria: Bishops condemn persecution of Christians

At an International Conference on ‘Religious Freedom and Tolerance’ clergymen from different denominations condemned the violent persecution of Christians in the north, as they discussed the current situation with Christian Solidarity International, Christian Defense Force, Human Capital Development, Governors and University academics. They endorsed the emergency rule imposed by President Jonathan in parts of the north where out of 52 churches 50 have been destroyed by Boko Haram terrorists. Also it was suggested Christians in the North be asked to consider relocating to the East to avoid more casualties.

Pray: for concerted action and prayer to contain efforts to destabilize Nigeria and to bring about a Godly solution. (Ps.125:3-5)


NIGERIA: Refugees

A UN report for refugees stated that no fewer than 6,000 people - mostly women, children and elderly were displaced following the military onslaught against Boko Haram and the al Qaeda-linked Ansaru. They fled to neighbouring Niger Republic fearful of being caught in the government-led crackdown. The presence of Nigerian refugees in Niger is putting a strain on meagre local food and water resources as they struggle after years of drought. Refugees are either renting houses or staying with host families who are themselves living in very precarious conditions. A UNHCR member of staff who visited several border villages hosting refugees met Nigerian families living out in the open and some under trees. Refugees reported air strikes by government forces from time to time, and planes regularly flying over Borno, Yobe and Adamawa where a state of emergency has been in force since May 14.

Pray: for the UN to effectively deliver structured and coordinated help for host communities of Nigerian refugees. (Ps.12:7)

More: http://www.punchng.com/news/6000-flee-bharam-crisis-to-niger-un/

NIGERIA: Christians condemn cold-blooded murder of a British hero

Part of a press statement by the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians based in England sent commiserations to the family of Drummer Lee Rigby stating, ‘Our prayers are with Amy Rigby, their young son, wider family and friends as they grapple with this dastardly act. May our good LORD comfort them in their sorrows. This cowardly and cold-blooded murder of a British icon in the locale of an established military base was intended to strike fear into our hearts and break the bands that unite us as a peaceful nation. This is characteristic of the violent agenda of the proselytized adherents of these fringe groups in their grandiose belief that such carnage and unjustifiable acts glorify a just and merciful God. We utterly deplore the barbaric actions of these unscrupulous individuals who would not hesitate to invoke darkness on their motherland on the altar of self-glorification. We are deeply saddened at the recent revelation that the perpetrators are British of Nigerian extraction.’ For the full press release click the more button

Pray: for divine intervention and human vigilance to defeat the agents of terrorism. (Ps.77:14)

More: http://www.pray4nigeria.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=379:ofnc-statement&catid=7&Itemid=256

OFNC Statement

Issued on behalf of the Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians (UK)

For Immediate Release
28 May 2013

Nigerian Christians Condemn Cold-Blooded Murder of a British Hero

Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians (OFNC) commiserates with the family of Drummer Lee Rigby who was brutally cut down in the prime of life by radicalised individuals. Our prayers are with Amy Rigby, their young son, wider family and friends as they grapple with this dastardly act. May our good LORD comfort them in their sorrows.

This cowardly and cold-blooded murder of a British icon in the locale of an established military base was intended to strike fear into our hearts and break the bands that unite us as a peaceful nation. This is characteristic of the violent agenda of the proselytised adherents of these fringe groups in their grandiose belief that such carnage and unjustifiable acts glorify a just and merciful God.

NIGERIA: Christian leader killed as violence grows

Rev Faye Pama Musa, Secretary of the Borno state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria was shot dead at his home in Northern Nigeria on May 15th after being followed home by suspected Boko Haram militants after an evening Bible study. He had a wife and three children. Christians warn that they are the main target of on-going violence in Nigeria's restive northeast. Brigadier General Chris Olukolade said forces have successfully engaged a large number of heavily armed terrorists during the last few days as they attempt to curtail violence. By Tuesday 14th suspected Islamic extremists and three soldiers were reported dead. Twenty others have been arrested. Boko Haram extremists were reported ‘fleeing to Nigeria's borders with Cameroon, Chad and Niger’, though that has not been confirmed. The president has called for the arrest of anyone suspected of working with the insurgents and ordered his forces to occupy any building housing extremists. See:http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2013/May/Christians-Remain-Targets-as-Violence-Grows-in-Nigeria/

Pray: against militant groups feeding off rampant poverty and corruption as they recruit the poorest people into violence. May the government officials and troops bring about good governance. (Ex.23:6-7)

More: http://www.persecution.org/2013/05/17/christian-leader-in-northern-nigeria-gunned-down-in-his-home/

NIGERIA:More powerful prayer needed

On Tuesday fifty-five people were killed, a police station, military barracks and government buildings were burned to the ground and 105 prisoners were freed in a pre-dawn raid in Bama, Borno state. Extremist attacks are common in the region but the scale of bloodshed makes this raid stand out. This strike - coming on the back of other deadly attacks - undermines the suggestion that the military operation against the militants has diminished the threat they pose. President Goodluck Jonathan has set up a committee to agree the terms of an am nesty for the rebels but Boko Haram's leader, Abubakar Shekau, has so far rejected the idea. Some of the attackers wore army uniforms for the five hour assault. The army says it was the work of Boko Haram - sending out the defiant message that it cannot be defeated by the state security forces. There are reports that the militants have acquired more powerful weapons. President Goodluck Jonathan has put his faith in the power of God for his country.

Pray: ‘God arise and scatter your enemies.’ Pray for the Islamist militants to accept an amnesty. (Ps.37:10,11)

More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-22444417

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